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i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here 'cause we are definitely looking out for you. we lost eight million jobs. the financial sector almost completely melted down. >> democrats who have been killing jobs the last four years since they took over, continue to kill jobs. they are becoming the party of food stamps versus a republican party of paychecks. >> democrats made a clear choice. they those to ignore the concerns of the american people and press ahead with their own agenda over the past year and a half. >> we have to teach democrats how to stop the palin, o'donnell phenomenon. >> elects are choices between candidates and ideas. >> washington is spending more
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time with comedians than debating future. >> they believe in a fantasy world of giant government, giant taxes, washington controlling everything. if you disagree with them you are dumb. >> now they've decided they can at lost pretend to be conservative. -- at least pretend to be conservative. >> sean: as our march toward election 20s our commander in chief has declared yet again that public enemy in america is none other than fox news. pro claiming that objective journalism is dead the anointed one tells rolling stone that fox news is part of the tradition that has a clear undeniable point of view. a point of view that i disagree with. that i think is ultimately destructive for the long term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and competitive in the world. once again we are seeing if you disagree with the president's left wing agenda, you do so at your own risk. i'm confused as to how much one man can be so out of touch
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with the american people? he says fox news is does truck . fascinating -- destructive, fascinating coming from a guy whose policy has caused the unemployment rate to sky crockett to double digits. he has added more to our national debt than our first 40 presidents combined. he says fox news is destructive yet his administration doesn't think we are fighting a war on terror. they are willing to sit down with ahmadinejad. this network did not put into place policies that will result in higher taxes, health care and fewer jobs. nor did this station go to around the world apologizing for america. hope and change did those things. 35 days from now, i have a pretty good feeling the american people will have something to say about it in the meantime i'm joined by the host of varney & company,
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stuart varney and news contributor, they are both really good friends, dana perino >> i think it is so interesting that he complained about objective journalism by giving an exclusive interview to "rolling stone. "does anyone see the irony in that? >> it is an stoning the president of the united states of america should pick on one news outlet, repeatedly, and say we are does truck stiff. as you pointed out sean, he cannot run on -- record. fox news had nothing to do with his immigration policy, foreign policy, health care nothing to do with us whatsoever. but we are destructive that is in . -- incredible. >> sean: during the campaign he mentioned me attacked me by name, a dozen times. i'm thinking he seems extraordinarily thin skinned. >> more he does these things
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the more it casts i am in a light of being petty, partisan and paranoid. he's the one who wanted these policies. the onus is on him to explain why they are good for america. the problem is with the results. like we were taught when we were kids, if you think someone is a bully ignore them. >> sean: you are far more gracious than me. >> that's true. >> sean: ouch! boom! you took more shots george bush. i've been saying mr. president, put your pants on, sit at the table and man-up. i am tired this is his budget, debt, deficit, stimulus, health care. i am tired of him whining, complaining and blaming everybody as he does in this article, but himself. >> have you ever seen a president do this before? >> sean: no.
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>> any president in your lifetime taken on this kind of tone, either towards his predecessor or a single media outlet. i have never seen this before. >> sean: the level of immature you worked with president bush. president bush has been totally, completely utterly silent, i don't know how he does it. after two years of nonstop shots, i inherited, i inherited, this was the worst, et cetera. it is time for president bush to fire back and say man-up. >> president bush took a cue from his dad, also gracious and never talked about his successor in a negative way. president bush promised he wouldn't and he's not going to. the rest of america is tired of it as well. the fact they have to go tonight to universities to try to fire up their base, to try to get the turn out in the midterm elections says they are more worried than they said. you have a democrat in north dakota running an ad
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saying he worked with president bush! >> sean: you have more people saying it is time for nancy pelosi to go. no democrat is running on stimulus, cap and tax, health care. >> he said please going to try to push for cap and tax next year. >> maybe he knows worse news is coming. friday of next week we get the last unemployment report before the election. it is -- widespread thought is the unemployment rate goes up again to around 9.7 -- >> sean: you think it is going that high? >> that's what people are saying 9.7 from 9.6. >> and it is not fox news' fault. >> this is happening this is reality >> sean: he goes to wisconsin, he goes to georgia, texas, gold down eight points in wisconsin. boxer in trouble. murray in trouble. gillibrand is in trouble. toomey is going to win in
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pennsylvania. >> those are all the federal races. these an article today that talked about the state races. watch the wave it is not just going to be on the federal level but the state level, county level. state policy is also affecting the outcome of federal races. >> you follow politics at that level. let me give you a grass roots ground floor anecdotal story about the vote the president has lost. ran into a guy worked in the hotel industry for 30 years he works $35,000 a year. he has just lost his zero deductible on health care. it is now $1500 a year. that man has just taken a whooping hit and he doesn't like it. >> sean: he's losing independence. we saw that in massachusetts, virginia and new jersey. here's the question, as we head into this election and see the state of the economy. we see the problems politically that he has.
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anything that this president can do at this late hour, rally or no rally? >> that's why he's flailing around, blaming fox, blaming bush. >> i think he could step back. get off the stage for a few days. rae says. and then the other thing that he could do is choose to ignore critics and let it go or he could engage. >> it is not in him. >> not everybody is going to agree with the decisions that he makes we should be able to understand the decision-making pro service. if i were he i would grant some interviews to fox news. >> sean: hannity first. >> i don't know if i would recollection machine that. >> sean: i would highly recollection -- recommend that. >> sean: i would highly recommend that. the fact congress going to leave washington go into an election and not let people know ha their tax rates are going to be january 1st? >> that is incredible. >> sean: 37 democrats said they would vote to extend the bush tax cuts.
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>> there will be no vote before the election because the democrats are split. they've had two years with a majority in the house and senate and cannot tell us what our tax rate is going to be january 1st, of this year. >> it is such a confusing strategy. they decided to play an issue where the republicans are always on offense, which is on tax cuts. >> sean: guys good to see you. thank you both. we break down the five new polls that could signal a republican take over in the senate. later south dakota senator thune reacts to what many are calling the ugliest political ad in history that comes courtesy of alan greyson. first it is text vote tuesday. we want to know what issue is impacting your midterm vote. we have the results at the end of the show. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>> sean: the president is scolding democrats. he said people need to shake off this lethargy and buck up. if people now want to take their ball pan go home that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. news flash mr. president the people are lethargic and fed
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or severely disabling as other types of strokes. if you, or someone you care for, have atrial fibrillation, even if you're already taking medication, there are still important things you'll want to know. for a free interactive book call 1-877-580-afib, or log onto learn more about the connection between atrial fibrillation and strokes, and get advice on how to live with afib. and with this valuable information in your hand, talk to your doctor. call 1-877-580-afib today. >> sean: as we close in on the november elections americans are expressing their discontent like never before. frank luntz spoke with florida voters this past weekend and got their take about the direction of the country. >> sean, every time i come to florida, the sparks fly. because this is such a key
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swing state. let's find out from our florida voters, are you happy or glad about that 2008 decision? who is glad that barack obama won, raise your hands? who is disappointed? why are you happy and why are you disappointed? you first. >> i'm happy because i am seeing change in my community. a park where there was nothing but gangs and different bad stuff going on is now a beautiful skate park. >> you want change come to my community you can buy 15 condominiums for nothing. >> where is your community? >> in the middle of broward county. >> not a result of barack obama a result of the nature of the economy and problems that were inherited by barack obama. >> i believe he's total disconnect with the people. he's pushing his own agenda, putting policies through in the middle of the night. no one has been reading them.
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>> even though i didn't vote for obama, when he was elected i prayed that he would be successful. unfortunately, he wasn't. he hasn't accomplished anything since he's again if office. all i see a bad economy. people out of work and no money moving. >> i was happy when he won, even though i didn't vote for him. because i thought he was going to unify our country. he's dividing. taking rich people against the poor. he's taking the immigrants against the americans. he's dividing our country. >> he said we were getting out of the iraq war. we out. he said he was going to pass universe at health care we have universal health care. [ talking over each other ] >> he delivered what he said he was going to do. [ talking over each other ] >> but he has destroyed the country in the process of doing it because he has taken away our freedoms. >> the question is are you happy with your vote?
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he did what he said he was going to do. we have change. >> he has been -- [ talking over each other ] >> helen, let camille talk. go ahead. >> thank you. i agree with jared. everything he said he was gonna do, he did. he represents change. he gives us hope. he gives us a meaning. because this economy was messed up, let's remember he inherited this dog mess this is -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'd like to see my children have the right to vet. it is their money he's spending. i think our children in this democracy should vote in the next election. >> absolutely. >> go ahead. >> when i voted for barack obama, barack obama wasn't at war at all. he decided to stop the war. but it wasn't about him.
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he is more about the people. >> it is all about jobs and the economy. what obama and the pelosi administration has done is to create an environment of uncertainty that's a job killer. . >> me as an independent, i looked at barack obama for more of change. but then when i seen that mainly it was still a little democratic issue because nancy pelosi was there, i feel it is more her agenda than it is his. >> is that a bad thing to you? >> in a way it is, yes. >> how many of you feel favorable towards nancy pelosi, raise your hands? one individual. who feels negative towards her. you are an obama supporter but you don't like nancy pelosi? >> she has made a lot of gaffes over the years that have -- hurt the democratic party. she hated by a lot of americans. >> did you vote for obama? >> yes. >> are you favorable towards
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pelosi? >> no do you think she makes the democratic party look worse? >> she sticks her foot in her mouth. >> she's the biggest partisan we've had in years between her, obama and reid they've created more partisanship in d.c. rather than less. >> i believe since he came into office he focused on health care when he should have been focusing on the economy. health care is an issue, it should have been taken care of. however, the economy is more important. >> i think obama came in more wanting to be more of a centrist than a moderate in the middle, like clinton was. i think pelosi has made him much more liberal her policies have fractured the democratic party. >> you guys agree with that? >> i think it is funny that a lot of people are calling pelosi a partisan, splitting up the country when we have all these republicans who are saying obama is not an american citizen, he's a socialist, a muslim, which is all ridiculous and not true
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>> problem is, most of us are not happy with obama for a lot of reasons. he's not helping us at all. we need jobs. the economy is horrible. he hasn't done one thing to change that in a positive way. >> i would disagree. i think he's made a lot of positive change. he's helping to end the war and taking positive steps towards the economy. this didn't happen overnight it is not going to change overnight. >> change is a process. it going to take time. everybody wants change. change is coming. >> how long can he keep on using the same platitudes of blaming bush and not taking responsibility for what he has done in the two years he's been in office? he needs to take responsibility for his balance policies and destruction of america by his bad policies. trillions in debt. >> how can he take responsibility for something that was already a problem? let's remember the economy was
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messed up way before obama became in office. [ talking over each other ] >> we cannot blame one man for the entire country's deficit. [ talking over each other ] >> okay, hold it! all of you hold it. do you now understand why the american people are so angry? do you now understand? because we are so divided. sean, whenever i do these focus groups now, no matter where i go, this is the kind of response i get. when you start talking about politics, you raise barack obama's name, nancy pelosi's name or the republican name. we going to have one hell of an election. at least half of americans are going to be angry when that election is over. back to you. >> sean: next, congressman grayson is coming under heavy criticism for his latest
12:21 am
campaign attack ad on his opponent. we'll explain why democrats and republicans are saying he went too far. that and much more, c
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>> sean: the democrats stranglehold on both houses of congress could be broken 35 days from now. on the house side the gop needs 40 seats to take the gravel from princess nancy pelosi. on the senate side republicans need 10 seats to regain control of the majority. tonight to help us gauge the likelihood of a republican revolution in the senate, we turn to new fox battleground polls. in wisconsin it appears that left wing senator russ feingold's seat in jeopardy. challenger johnson opened up an eight point lead in that race in colorado bennett
12:25 am
trails buck by four points. in illinois the race to fill barack obama's former seat is neck-and-neck. kirk leading democrat giannoulias by two points. in a stunning turn of events in washington state, democratic senator murray's seat is in play for the gop. businessman rossi trailing murray by a single point in that race. in ohio former bush cabinet member and congressman port man running from lt. fischer and leads by 13 point margin. to help us break down the latest polls kate obenshain and occidental college liberal professor caroline helmund is with us. caroline, feingold doesn't want to be seen with the president, twice. he's down by eight points. patty murder very in trouble. barbara boxer is in trouble.
12:26 am
kirsten jill ground is in trouble. blumenthal is in trouble. i showed the -- polls -- gillibrand is in trouble. blumenthal is in trouble this is your party, the obama agenda they don't want to be seen with the president, why? >> well, sean it is economic down turn that's the bottom line. you are not going to find disagreement with me about the jeopardy democrats are in. not only will the house go to the republicans, but it is likely the senate will as well. if we look at what has happened in elections since world war ii, six times the house has changed hands. each of those six times the senate has also changed hands. even if it wasn't predicted. i think what we have is another 1994 republican revolution. i think it is the best thing that could happen. now the republicans can share some of this blame for the economic down turn. >> sean: nice try. i mean, the reality is kate, i thought this came out in this
12:27 am
focus group frank luntz in a passionate way. you know, barack obama needs to stop blaming bush. his policies, his debt, his results. he refused to do so. keeps lashing out and blaming anybody but himself. obviously i think is a repudiation of him. your reaction? >> right. the numbers are striking. in those races where the republican candidates are sticking to economic issues, ken buck is a great example of that in colorado. the democrats are salivating overrunning against this tea party candidate. ken buck has stuck to the economy, jobs, creating these jobs in a state that has been trending democrat for years. now we are ceiling this repudiation of russ feingold! nobody thought russ feingold would be an issue. but heat running against the essence of the uprising, this guy who -- he's a business owner, manufacturing, when
12:28 am
manufacturing jobs are fleeing from wisconsin. he's coming in and saying, enough with the economy. now the democrats are trying this smear and run tactic they are doing it against buck in colorado. they are going to be doing it more and more. they are even running an abortion ad in colorado. nobody is talking about abortion. what republicans have to do is sticking to -- is keep stick topping the economic issues and keep talking about barack obama. >> sean: caroline, you mentioned good now republicans can share the blame for this it is interesting, this came out in the focus group. the president didn't run on record debt. he didn't tell people he would spend money this way he promised unemployment would stay below 8%. look, i always use the analogy, he overpromised and underdelivered. the american -- wait a minute, he's been president nearly two years. everything he wanted passed, and it has failed.
12:29 am
socialism doesn't work. >> you right he has passed all of his major agenda points i think he's been successful on that count. this notion of blaming bush we are talking about a structural deficit problem that started in 2001. 48% increase in discretionary spending. >> sean: it is not true. if he's going to spend a trillion dollars in a stimulus that failed. >> it didn't fail. it didn't fail. the stimulus did not fail. we would be in double -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we would have been out of this recession by now if -- >> that's not true. >> sean: we are going into this election cycle, democrats don't have the courage to give us a vote up or down. will they extent the bush tax cuts or not? >> it would be nice if we could get a vote and not pass an unnecessary tax -- [ talking over each other ]
12:30 am
>> sean: why won't the democrats allow that vote kate? >> of course they are not going to allow it. they realize they will be on the hook. of course, we have a major sector of the democrats facinga tough races who are having to listen to the american people who don't want job-killing tax increases to be put upon small businesses and those who create the jobs in our economy. look sean, if republicans such as in rossi's race against murray. patty murray is the champion of barack obama's policies. she voted for the stimulus, health care, all these things that have increased unemployment instead of creating jobs. rossi and these other republicans have got to come out hard. patty murray needs to be attacked for her votes on supporting barack obama's policies. we ought to take the gloves off and call what it it is. these are job-killing policies of barack obama. >> sean: kate, caroline thank
12:31 am
you. we have text vote tuesday tonight. we want to hear from you. what issue is impacting your midterm vote the most? text us at 36288: >> coming up next, what some are calling the most over-the-top, over the line campaign ad in the history of politics. we'll check in with south dakota senator john thune. he'll be here live with reaction to that unbelievable video. some are wondering, is he ♪
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or double points. >> sean: when he passed away his family didn't ask for flowers they asked mourners that donations be to the cancer society or the campaign of whoever is running against barack obama in 2012. donald sounds like my kind of guy. our condolences to his family. i know he was a great america. back with senatorthth aren't you sick of these airline credit cards that advertise flights for 25,000 miles? but when you call... let me check. oh fud, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet. we switched to the venture card from capital one -- so no more games. let's go see those grandkids. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with the venture card at [ lovinit ] help! what's in your llet?
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>> sean: the race for florida's 8th congressional district is getting ugly. alan grayson reached a new low releasing an ad that equates his opponent webster with the taliban. let's first look at what daniel webster said in 2009 at a christian conference. these are his words in their entirety. >> write a journal. second, find a verse. i have a verse for my wife. i have verses for my wife. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible. but pick the ones that you're supposed to do. so instead, love your wife even as christ loved the church and gave himself for it.
12:36 am
as opposed to wife submit yourself to your own husband. she can pray that if she wants to, but don't you pray it. >> sean: look at how grayson's campaign is twisting what he said. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom. >> wives submit yourself to your own husband. >> he wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. webster tried to deny women medicare care. >> submit to me >> wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> taliban dan webster hands off our bodies. >> sean: they took what webster said out of context. grayson's campaign is sticking by this ad. joining me south dakota senator thune. welcome back. >> good evening sean. >> sean: webster says, don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible.
12:37 am
he said don't pick that. grayson runs this in the campaign ads. i that tell you that's up there with one of the worst ads i've seen. one of the most dishonest. your reaction? >> that's the first time i've seen it. it looks like a sign of desperation this is a losing campaign. i think you going to see more of this type of advertising over the next four weeks. these are people who are desperately trying to hang on to power. and that sort of selective thing and personal attack there's no place fortunate politics. >> sean: it seems like it is coming from the president himself. he's been in full attack mode this entire week. going after the republicans. blaming former president bush, republicans are obstructionists, rolling stone magazine. spinning his agenda or at lost the perceived success in his mind on it. there's no democrat in the country running on the bills they passed, why do you think that is? >> they are trying to change the subject. the record they have to talk
12:38 am
about what they've done in the last 18 months is massively expand the government. pass a 2 1/2 trillion dollar expansion of health care the american people didn't want. a trillion dollar stimulus bill we borrowed from our children and grandchildren and continued to add to the federal debt 2.6 trillion since the president took power that's their record. that's why they are trying to change the subject and create distractions and these sorts of ads designed to scare voters into voting for them i think the american people in year are going to see through this. they know what these guys are about. they know what their agenda has been and i think you are going to see that on election . >> sean: it has always been a pet peeve of mine earmarks are a very small portion of the budget. somebody in the focus group we aired earlier tonight said our children ought to be allowed to vote in this election because we are bankrupting our kids. in that sense he made a
12:39 am
compelling case. my question is, how do we balance a budget? seems like washington is addicted. this is like crack cocaine to them, spending, in all seriousness. how do you deal with entitlement reform when you have a significant portion of the country, 1 in 7 americans in poverty right now. 44 million american homes is what that represents. that means families of four making under $22,000 a year. how do you cutback on the size and scope of government when dependency is so high? >> american people of course, most americans at lost, families, are having to see their budgets shrink in this economy. what i don't think they like seeing is the federal government's budget expand. there are a lot of people in country who are hurting. the policies aren't doing anything to create jobs that will put people back to work. all they are dole is growing the federal government. the overall government spending in the last two years
12:40 am
has grown at 21% at a time when inflation in the overall economy was 3 1/2%. that's what the american people are objecting to. >> sean: what are you proposing? >> this isn't a glamorous subject. most people's eyes glaze over, but we have to reform the budget process in washington. we didn't pass a budget. we have a 3 1/2 trillion dollar enterprise called the federal government and we didn't pass a budget. it is dysfunctional, broken. we have 26 committees or subcommittees in congress that spend money. we don't have any committees in congress that save money for the american people. i've got a plan to reform the budget process. as i said it is not a subject that a lot of people are that -- all that interested in but it would do more to change washington. >> sean: maybe you can get paris hilton or lindsay lohan do an ad for your budget plan and you can help sell it. in all seriousness, there is
12:41 am
talk you might consider running for president. >> well, i think that right now, what i'm working on is the midterm elections. the best thing i can do is try and change the direction of this country by helping elect more republicans to the house and senate in the midterms. then there's going to be discussion about the presidential election. that's obviously a decision that a lot of people around the country are giving some thought and consideration to this are going to have to make at that time. i think it is premature right number we'll have time to talk about that after the midterms. >> sean: would you not%wñ+ out in your case? >> i'm interested in public service. i'm someone who believes you are in this not to make a career, but to make a difference. if i think i can make a difference it is something i may consider. at this point in time the midterm elections is our focus. >> sean: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: time to check in with greta -- by the way you had rush limbaugh last night,
12:42 am
sarah palin, newt gingrich last night. i can't beat that >> greta: i noticed that senator thune didn't say no. that's the headline from that interview. i brought two props "the new york times" we are going to talk about the lead editorial with senator graham. and i've got bob woodward's new book. i got so many props. and rush limbaugh, you mentioned him. he said something about his interview on our show last night we'll play that and we have so much more. >> sean: when you are done with the "new york times" you may want to bring it home, put it in your fireplace and burn it. just a thought. >> greta: i'll give it some consideration. the other day they refered to our show at 10 p.m. as bombastic. >> sean: you! >> greta: any way. at lost i didn't get called timid. they called congress timid. i would much rather be
12:43 am
bombastic. >> sean: greta coming up in 18 minutes. our great, great american panel, next. ♪ ♪ every day, it's getting closer ♪ ♪ going faster than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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. >> sean: he's a former white house speechwriter, campaign manager for mitt
12:47 am
romney ben coes is here. national campaign manager for howard dean's campaign, joe trippi is back. he is a three-time not one, two, but three time grammy award winning singer. his brand new album, by the way it happens to be my favorite, extraordinarily inspirational. he's been at 16 freedom concerts in the last two years. my good friend michael w smith. by the way it is my favorite right cd, great job. poverty, 1 in 7 americans, 44 million americans. families of four, defined -- making under $22,000 a year. this congress that americans are so angry about can't vote and tell them what their taxes are going to be in january. how is that possible?
12:48 am
>> well, it is not responsible is it? >> sean: it isn't. >> everybody is heading back to campaign it is very sad for our country in my opinion. >> sean: yeah. you work to raise a lot of money for char -- charity. you have an organization in nashville. you are helping kids out. is this something that the federal government should be handling? is this something that outside charities and churches ought to be working on? >> i think both. the happiest people i know are the people who give things away. i think we all got a great opportunity to be able to alleviate poverty. the church obviously has to do their job. but the government has to step up and let's pass a few bills and make some things happen. >> sean: come on trippi this is your party. why are they a bun of gutless, spineless could you wars! don't they see the american people have con felt for them right now? >> people have contempt for both. that's a problem i have, not that people don't have
12:49 am
contempt with democrats, they do. but they've got contempt with the entire mess in washington. >> sean: the democrats are too cowardly to go on record voting for a tax increase which would be the largest in american history. >> i don't think the votes are there. because there are some democrats -- >> sean: so what are they gonna do? let's say dream cats win. then they will stick it to us and raise our taxes -- >> no. everybody knows we are not going to win.u7z we are going to lose seats. we can't get anything accomplished with what republicans do in the senate as it is. we are not going to do it with few this whole thing about oh my gosh wait until they get news the lame duck session is crazy. nothing is going to be done. >> sean: they are just going to let them expire? i think act of defiance coupled with stephen colbert. they have time for colbert they don't have time to vote on what our tax rates are going to be.
12:50 am
>> i think it is a general trend where people in america peel that things are no in control in washington. and that the democratic congress is not managing basic stuff. something like this is sthoeuic of and you know -- symptomatic of something that is broken in the system. the fuel behind the tea party and a big year for republicans. >> sean: the president said i'm a christian by choice. he was asked, you know by somebody, why are you a christian? you are a christian contemporary singer. i can't get over this trippi. i still have a problem with reverend wright. i don't know how you sit in the pews with somebody for 10 -- i don't know how you sit in the pews with somebody for 20 years and say i have no idea. >> it is not very christian. >> sean: of me? >> yes. >> sean: i'm not a good christian.
12:51 am
you are questioning my faith. >> when someone tells you that they -- they didn't realize it. >> sean: do you believe him when he said he didn't know reverend wright was that inflammatory, do you believe him? >> i think he had to have some idea, i don't know. look, the -- why are we all tied up about this? why are we questioning his christianity? >> sean: i'm not. >> there are plenty of people who do. >> sean: michael you are great friends with billy graham who i admire a lot. what do you think? >> what do i think about billy or obama? >> sean: obama. >> i've never spent any time with him. obviously, i disagree with a lot of his policies. but i've never met the guy. so i'm going to be more merciful than you are. >> sean: that i can see. >> interesting if he continues to get the question about the christian thing --
12:52 am
>> sean: on your new cd, you have two songs that you wrote to your wife. there's not enough diamonds in the world. you make all other husbands and men look bad. i really resent you for this. last chance to get in your text vote. we want to know the issue, which is impacting your midterm vote the most. . the results coming up after the results coming up after the mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee.
12:53 am
mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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12:55 am
>> sean: we continue. we have our poll question what issue in the midterm election is going to image -- going to impact your vote the most. 50% is government spending. i can't read it, i think 25%
12:56 am
health care. and 25% i forget -- jobs, okay. i have glasses but i don't wear them on tv, i need to. pretty much what we think across the board, right? why didn't the president focus more on this? trippi, he's your president. >> look, you have to spend to get the country out of where we were. no one else -- >> sean: wait a minute, stop. why can't you cut taxes like reagan did? reagan created 20 million new jobs. >> that is not going to do it. >> sean: explain why. >> no one talks about what we need to do. >> sean: you want to spend money. no jobs were created. >> you got to cut spending you got to do a lot of hard things. >> problem with the spending is, spending is this big word. but the reality is most of that money has not gone to
12:57 am
creating jobs and people are angry about it. if you go to my town up in massachusetts, every other road has gotten a new sidewalk, a new paving. >> sean: not helping deval patrick. patrick and frank are in up trouble there. >> spending hasn't created jobs. >> i agree. >> sean: the president promised that this spending the keynesian model would create jobs. >> they were over sold that thing. i'm not going to defend the summer of recovery. that was a huge mistake. the fact of the matter is, they didn't understand, i think, how hard it was gonna be to dig out of this. it was going to take a long time. it is still going to take a long time. both parties are ignoring what they have to do to get our -- what we have to do to get our fiscal mouse in order. >> sean: these guys are timid,
12:58 am
gutless and spineless. let to the delaware race. chris coons the bearded marxist and christine o'donnell, michael from this standpoint, last night we did a segment about conservative women under attack. in this case it seems conservative christian women under attack. the fact she wants to live by her faith and she says for masturbation to take place there's got to be lust in the heart. she mocked and ridiculed on "saturday night live." same with sarah palin. why do you think that christian women seem to be under fire all the time? >> you know what, i don't have the answer. but it has happened for a long time. i think a lot of people are afraid, like i said people feel threatened by that. >> sean: i'm going to be crude
12:59 am
and i don't care, if she said she had 100 sex partners before she got married she wouldn't be par deed on saturday night -- parodied on "saturday night live", would she? probably not. >> anybody who had the witchcraft stuff is going to get made fun of. >> sean: she made an often cuff comment. >> it is going to happen. i any it had been any democrat or republican -- >> sean: chris coons went to yale divinity, jeffrey lord wrote about this at yale divinity school they have a class in witchcraft. did he take that? >> i don't know, did he? >> i don't know he is running and hiding. hiding from his bearded marxist column as well. >> nine point lead. >> sean: 15 points a week ago. >> we are in an election year. >> that race isoi

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